The Characters so far...
Fruit: korean melon
Age: 22
Three Words: reckless, emotional, impulsive
Guilty Pleasure: listening to teen pop.
Chamhae doesn't trust men in the fear of them hurting her sister. No, she wasn't always this masculine...maybe.
Vegetable: carrot
Age: 20
Three Words: judgmental, calculative, calm
Guilty Pleasure: Using a thesaurus.
Smart alec best friend of Chamhae. They met in high school when she pummeled some bullies for him. They've been homies ever since.
Fruit: apple
Age: 26
Three Words: dense, easygoing, delicate
Guilty Pleasure: Eating chocolate.
Chamhae's sister. The problem isn't that these men are throwing themselves onto her; it's that she never catches on.
Vegetable...or fruit: Tomato
Age: 27
Three Words: flamboyant, shameless, enthusiastic
Guilty Pleasure: NOTHING.
Working friend of Sagwa at her hair salon, and Danggeun's roommate. YES, he's gay.
Fruit: Grapes
Age: 27
Three Words: sassy, defensive, loud
Guilty Pleasure: Gossiping.
Sagwa's best friend from beauty school. A single working mother with a son.
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